Supporting customers

15 April

I have a customer who is concerned they have not received their benefits payment?
We’re aware that 4,000 Scottish Government benefit payments were not paid into Post Office card accounts (POca) last week – for the Industrial Injuries Scheme (IIS), Disability Living Allowance (DLA – for children and young people), Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA), Attendance Allowance (AA) and Carer's Allowance (CA). The Scottish Government are rectifying this. 

Customers are coming into Branch having received a text message from the DWP, what does this mean?
The text message is a six-digit reference number for the customer to obtain cash from the ‘Discretionary Assistance Fund.’ Please advise the customer that these payments are only available from Paypoint outlets and not Post Office. 

9 April

I’m still concerned about customers coming to my branch for non-essential trips. Is there anything else we can do to encourage customer to only make essential trips to the Post Office?

We have updated the Post Office website and Branch Finder with the message that it’s important for our customers to consider if their visit to their local Post Office is essential, to help us to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Post Office teams and customers. 

We have a Social Media posts page here which has a shareable 12 second film to remind your customers to stay at home.

7 April

I’m concerned that I’ve not seen some of my regular, vulnerable customers coming into branch – what should I do?
If you are concerned that you haven’t seen some familiar faces for a week or so and you are worried about a vulnerable customer, we can feed that information through to the DWP, so please do let your Area Manager know and they will be able to pass that information on for us.

24 March

Can we have posters encouraging social distancing? (originally published 21 March)
There are three posters available in both English and now Welsh language versions: 

In line with other retailers we are advising a 2 metre (6 foot) distance between customers in the queue and at the counter which can be marked with tape on the floor where appropriate. The guidance is to limit the number of customers in your shop if necessary. 

What guidance should we follow about serving unwell customers?
Some Post Office customers are vulnerable and, at times like this, may have a real need to use Post Office services. So we shouldn't turn customers away. However we appreciate there are concerns about your own wellbeing and that of your employees. Our advice is as normal, to make sure surfaces, counters, keyboards, pin pads and other equipment is cleaned regularly and, as recommended by Government, ensure hand hygiene is maintained throughout the day. 

I’m concerned about taking mobile phones from customers as they hold lots of bacteria, what else can we do?
If you are concerned, please do not take the phone from the customer to scan the barcode. If you are in a fortress position and scanning through the screen will not work then please scan at the parcel hatch and take the item in at the same time. 

If the customer has a Payout text message, where possible, ask the customer to read the barcode reference number to you, or hold up their phone for you to read without taking the phone from them.

19 March

How are we helping customers who need to deposit larger amounts of money because of temporary business closures?
The inward banking deposit limit at screenless counter positions, equipped with a cash funding unit, will no longer have a 2,000 pounds limit. However, Till limits will remain at 1,000 pounds to minimise risks. 

This change will help give you greater flexibility for customers wanting to deposit more cash because of temporary business closures. If you are concerned at your levels of cash holdings, please direct the customer to a nearby Mains branch. If you have any further questions, please contact Grapevine on 0345 603 4004.