A Celebration of Communities, No Matter your Experience

A Celebration of Communities, No Matter your Experience

Post Office is like no other retail network in the UK because it’s personal. Unlike the many supermarkets, department stores and shops in the convenience sector, when people think of the Post Office as an organisation they don’t jump to the corporate brand, but to their own personal experience. The Post Office they drop their online shopping returns off at on the way to work, the one they post their niece’s birthday gift from on a Saturday morning, their local postmaster with a wealth of local knowledge. The nostalgia often associated with the Post Office comes from a rich heritage of Post Office playing an important role at the heart of communities over the generations.

The power of our network is that our Post Offices represents the needs of the communities they serve. So whether a large and lively city centre branch serving a vibrant and bustling commuter community, or a locally supported community branch, serving generation after generation of the same family in a country village – the Post Office community spirit still remains.

In a world that is constantly evolving, our experience of community changing too, yet Post Office remains a cornerstone. Not only are we at the heart of communities physically, but we are a paradigm of British community spirit – a celebration of the inclusive, diverse and rich population we serve.

And so, who better to start the conversation about the experience of community in the context of Britain today than Post Office?

In an increasingly digital world, for many the experience of community is no longer simply about where you live. For some the communities that matter to them are also those with shared interests, values and passions. This week, we launched a campaign called #CommonUnity to explore and celebrate the communities that matter to people.

If you haven’t already, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to get involved and explore some of the many great videos showcasing some diverse communities in the UK today.