Helping new lives to start in Scotland

Helping new lives to start in Scotland

Glasgow was one of the first cities to welcome refugees from Syria and the Post Office has been helping them start their new lives.

Scotland welcomed more than 100 people from the war-torn country on 24 November and more are expected to arrive in early December.

With a range of Identity Services on offer at the Post Office, branches across Scotland such as Springburn Way in Glasgow and Edinburgh City are expected to be greeting many of these families.

Dougie Henderson, branch manager at Springburn Way said: “We have an AEI machine in store that uses biometrics to capture a person’s signature and send it to the Home Office.

“We also check their details and take a photo and fingerprint to accompany the signature.”

When refugees enter Scotland, they are registered and given a letter, which contains a barcode. The barcode is needed by the Post Office in order to take their registration to the next stage.

Once their fingerprints, photos and signatures have been sent to the Home Office, customers are given a receipt as proof they have processed their details.

“We have had notification from the local council that they are expecting more families next week,” Dougie added.

As part of a programme to take in 20,000 refugees over the next five years, many will be arriving in airports across Britain in the coming months.