Helping to fight UK poverty in partnership with the Trussell Trust

Helping to fight UK poverty in partnership with the Trussell Trust

Post Office is joining forces with the Trussell Trust to support those facing hunger and poverty this winter, by donating 1p for every cash withdrawal made over the counter between 29 November 2021 and 31 March 2022. 

The Trussell Trust supports a network of over 1,300 food banks in all four nations of the UK, providing emergency food and support to people locked in poverty. With rising energy prices and the cost of living impacting some of the most vulnerable in our communities, our contribution will help provide vital services such as financial guidance to help families reduce the impact of increasing household bills. 

The campaign is expected to help drive footfall across the Post Office network and aims to raise £250,000 over the next four months.

Here’s how your branch can get involved: 

  1. Like and share social media posts on the Post Office InstagramFacebookLinkedInand Twitter Content will also be available for you to share locally on the WeArePostOffice app from 30 November.
  2. Let your customers know they can help fight UK hunger and poverty this winter by simply withdrawing cash for free over the Speak to your Area Manager for conversation starters. 
  3. Raise funds for the Trussell Trust or an independent local foodbank/charity of your choice through the Your Charity scheme, which enables branches to accept donations for any charity or registered good cause through Horizon. Alternatively, if you’re interested in hosting a foodbank collection point you can find some more information here.
  4. Added 6 December: Black and white or a colour poster you can print and display in your branch. Further branch materials will be distributed after peak, in January.

A number of our branches already work with the Trussell Trust. Leslie Francis, Enham Alamein Postmistress, shared why she’s backing the campaign: “As a business owner in a local community, I can see for myself the difference that organisations like the Trussell Trust can make to customers who sometimes have to decide between food for their table and other household essentials like toiletries. 

“This cause is close to my heart because I work closely with the Trussell Trust providing a food collection point where customers can drop off goods for my local food bank. I’m delighted that I can make even more of a difference by encouraging customers to use cash withdrawal services at my branch.”  

Have you worked with the Trussell Trust in your branch? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with your Area Manager or email  

If customers would like to find out more, they can visit the campaign page on the Post Office website at