New Year’s Honours for Postmasters

New Year’s Honours for Postmasters

Postmasters across the country go above and beyond for their customers and their communities and it’s great to see three Postmasters recognised in the New Year’s Honours.

Congratulations to:

  • Tina May, Postmistress for Christian Malford branch, South West region
  • Gary Walters, Postmaster for Menheniot branch, South West region
  • Hardip Atwal, Manager of Newington branch, Scotland region

Tina May will be awarded her British Empire medal via the Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire. Together with husband, Kevin, they run the Post Office and village shop plus the five outreach Post Offices at set days and times each week.

Tina said: “We were very honoured to receive recognition from the Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire last year, so I was very surprised to be on the list for the British Empire Medal. I am just doing what I do naturally. It has been tough for the past two years, but my automatic reaction is to rally round. I want to help people. I care about the communities that I serve.”

Gary Walters became the UK’s youngest Postmaster when he took on the role at 18-years-old. He will now receive a British Empire Medal. Gary provides Post Office services to 15 other communities in South East Cornwall.

Gary said: “I was surprised and very honoured to receive the British Empire Medal. When I was growing up, I always knew that I would join the family business. I was really pleased to become the UK’s youngest Postmaster. It was a role that I knew that I would always stay in because it is a vital service to the community. Over the last 10 years there has been the opportunity to maintain Post Office services in 15 other communities, plus the home shopping service. I never thought that I would be the Postmaster for so many communities, but I am really pleased that with my team that we can do this.

Hardip Atwal, Manager of family-run Newington Post Office has received New Year’s Honour recognition for organising fundraising events for a large number of charities raising more than £25,000. The shop also sponsors several local sports clubs. 

Hardip said: “With my roles as Manager of the family-fun shop and the police, I am well placed to organise lots of event for charity including a multi-cultural ball, raffles, fund-raising barbecues. I really enjoy raising money for worthy causes. I am honoured to receive the BEM award, but I am still in shock at being chosen.