Skipping Sikh’s daughter thanks 10 Post Offices in the Greater London region with homemade cakes

Skipping Sikh’s daughter thanks 10 Post Offices in the Greater London region with homemade cakes

Min Kaur, the daughter of the famous Skipping Sikh, has been busy baking cakes for local Post Offices to thank “Hidden Heroes” who have worked hard to serve communities during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rajinder Singh, shot to fame as The Skipping Sikh, with his online skipping and fitness sessions. The 73-year-old has appeared on BBC Breakfast and Good Morning Britain to encourage people to keep moving despite the lockdown. He has raised more than £12,000 for NHS Charities Together. People can donate at

His daughter, also appeared alongside her father on TV interviews. This got her thinking about the “Hidden Heroes” of the pandemic.

Min thought about Post Offices that have remained open during the pandemic to continue to provide essential services including pensions, benefits, banking, bill payments, mail and parcels and online shopping returns.

To show her appreciation to local Post Offices, Min and her mother Pritpal Kaur are making and decorating 10 cakes with a beautiful Henna design and they are delivering them to 10 of the local branches near her home in Bath Road, Harlington.

Min Kaur said: “People remember the NHS staffing who are working very hard during the pandemic, but there are lots of other keyworkers out there who deserve recognition and a treat for their roles serving communities during the pandemic.

“I love baking and cake decorating and I wanted to thank the forgotten keyworkers who are doing great work and who are not getting the acknowledgement that they deserve – the “Hidden Heroes”. So I have made 10 cakes for Post Offices around the area where I live, including my closest branch which is Harlington.”

The selected branches in Hillingdon borough are Harlington, Hayes, High Road Hayes, Kingshill Avenue and Hillingdon Heath. In Hounslow borough the chosen branches are Hounslow, Hounslow Heath, Brabazon Road, Central Avenue and Isleworth.

Regional Manager Manish Mehta said: “Min approached me with the fantastic, kind-hearted idea of home-made cakes for Post Offices. We chose a wide variety of Post Offices from big branches to small branches where frontline staff have all done amazing jobs serving their communities during these unprecedented times. Post Offices are always at the heart of communities and these branches have remained open during the pandemic for businesses and residents offering our wide variety of services.”

Harlington Postmaster Suvarna Vyas said: “It was a real surprise when Min arrived with the cake for us. It was very unexpected as we were just doing our duty, but it was really lovely to be appreciated. The cake tasted great and it was beautifully decorated. We recognised Min as one of our customers and she thanked us for being friendly and helpful to her family and other customers.”

Premila Thomas, Operations Manager at WHSmith Hounslow said: “The whole team at Hounslow were blown away by Min’s cake and her wonderful gesture. We feel truly proud to have been able to continue to serve our community at this challenging time, providing access to vital banking and postal services for our customers.”

Central Avenue Postmaster Tarrin Constantine said: “It was very good of them to make the cake, especially as this time. The staff who were working that day were really pleased and it helped to make them feel appreciated. They were surprised and delighted.”

Hounslow Heath Postmaster Prajit Stylish said: “When Min and Pritpal came in wearing their Skipping Sikh t-shirts we already knew all about this man and his internet skipping. We were very surprised to get the cake and it was great that they felt that we deserved this gift for serving the community during the pandemic.”

Kingshill Avenue (Hayes) Postmaster Jasmit Singh said: “It was a big surprise when Min and her mother arrived with a thank you cake. It was very much appreciated and it was great that they saw us an important part of the chain serving the community throughout the pandemic. It really brought a smile to our faces. It tasted really good.”

Amanda Hammond, Store Manager at WHSmith Hayes said: “The cake was a lovely surprise! We were really touched to have received it and feel humbled to have been recognised by Min and Pritpal for the store’s continued support for the community during these unprecedented times.”

Isleworth Postmaster Didar Singh said: “This was a big surprise. It was beautifully presented and the message Thank You Covid Heroes was on top. It was a wow moment! It was really touching to have received this and to be appreciated. The cake tasted great.”

Hillingdon Heath Postmaster Jas Kukrija said: “We were quite shocked to get the cake. It was a really lovely gesture. Most people think about the NHS when they think about keyworkers, so it was great that we were remembered. The cake was decorated with a beautiful Henna design and it tasted delicious.”

High Road Hayes Postmaster Rachel Sambidge said: “We were shocked to receive the cake. It was really good to know that there are people in the community who really appreciate what Post Offices are doing. The cake was beautifully presented.”

Brabazon Road (Hounslow) Postmaster Sunaver Dhillon said: “The surprise cake was a very kind thing to do. That helps us to feel valued by the community. A big thank you for thinking about us”.