The Post Office Branch Helping Save Thousands of Animals

The Post Office Branch Helping Save Thousands of Animals

International animal welfare charity Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS), based just a few doors down, help animals around the world and has been using their local Post Office branch for the past two years to help send out lifesaving veterinary aid parcels full of supplies, containing items such as equipment, bandages and veterinary textbooks, to countries far and wide.

As well as sending parcels, WVS run long-term projects in countries such as India, Malawi and Thailand. Teams of vets, vet nurses and volunteers are also sent every month to help elephants, dogs, cats, and even pangolins.

Cranborne Post Office processes approximately 50 parcels a week, and WVS make up a large proportion of these, with around 20 x 2kg parcels dispatched worldwide every week. Last November, WVS launched their Christmas Parcel Appeal, aiming to send out a record number of aid parcels in the month of December. The appeal kept the Post Office staff busy with daily deliveries to places as far as South Africa and Peru.

Luke Gamble, Founder and CEO of WVS, said, “The Post Office staff feel like part of the team. Without their friendly proactive support we’d never get the donations out where they need to go. We’re hugely grateful for all they do.”

The Post Office and its friendly staff have been a continual support for WVS, not only with processing parcels, but by helping the charity advertise their work and supporting wider community fundraising events. These events help fund the charity’s work at the frontline of animal welfare, training vets, running animal birth control clinics, and treating animals in places where veterinary care is lacking.

Deborah Amey, Manager of Cranborne Post Office, has been a resident of the village for 42 years and is always happy to help WVS with their work. “I’m an animal lover so it’s brilliant to know we’re doing our part to help those animals in need,” she said.

WVS is the only organisation that uses the local Post Office to this scale in Cranborne, and plays a vital role in supporting this important service for the village.

Trevor Wright, a postman for 21 years and serving the village of Cranborne, said, “Knowing that WVS sends aid to countries throughout the world who may not have the funds or access to it, it’s wonderful to know we’re helping them get where they’re needed.” Trevor is also a popular visitor among the WVS office dogs, as he always has pockets full of dog treats to greet them with on his deliveries.

Without the great support of the Post Office staff, WVS would not be able to reach the animals who need it most. The charity supports over 1,000 other animal welfare charities across the globe through delivery of these aid parcels, as well as sending veterinary teams and volunteers.

Furthermore, in the Indian state of Goa, Mission Rabies, Worldwide Veterinary Service’s sister charity, is working to vaccinate the dog population against rabies. Rabies is a deadly disease, which, 99% of the time, is transmitted by dog bites.

Thanks to our work Goan postmen - often at risk of dog bites during their daily rounds - now feel much safer to continue their work during their daily rounds. To find our more about how we are helping communities and animals in Goa, click here

Protecting dogs and saving human lives, Mission Rabies has been conducting large-scale dog vaccinations in rabies hotspots such as India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Malawi since 2013 with the goal of significantly reducing the number of human deaths from rabies.

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