Transforming the Communication Network in our branches

Transforming the Communication Network in our branches

Over the past year we’ve been busy creating the foundations that will digitally transform our branch network, ensuring the Post Office matters as much tomorrow as it does today.

In May 2017, we started a programme to upgrade our communication network, providing new network routers to branches and transferring to a new supplier, Verizon. The programme started in Buckinghamshire and since then we have upgraded every Post Office in the UK including those based overseas with our British Forces and networks within our customer support centres.

The new equipment communicates across our network much faster and provides a more reliable connection, helping to serve customers quickly. We are also reducing our costs as we move to Verizon for all our communications at the Post Office, enabling us to operate more efficiently, providing opportunities to reinvest in future technology.

Our Post Office Teams and suppliers have been working at pace to deliver the programme. At its peak the team were completing 140 installations per day, the programme is now complete and with over 10,000 installations in 10 months is a fantastic achievement. The support and commitment from colleagues, Postmasters and Branch Managers has been instrumental in achieving this important milestone.

The programme hasn’t been without its challenges and our teams have been working to ensure that the new branch network communications meet the needs of every community from our larger branches in town and city centres to locations that only operate on mobile or satellite technology.

This investment into our branch equipment is the start of creating the Post Office of the future. As well as upgrading our communication network we are also installing new Horizon equipment and printers into branches – if you haven’t yet received your Horizon installation date we will be contacting your branch over the next few months and plan to have all new equipment installed by the end of the summer.

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