Graduate Scheme Applications Are Open

Graduate Scheme Applications Are Open

Four years since the launch of the first Post Office graduate scheme in 2014, applications have now opened for the fifth graduate intake to join the business in September 2018.

This year the scheme has taken on a different structure. While graduate schemes of the last three years were formed of three 6-month rotations alternating between Retail, Financial Services & Telecoms and another business area (depending on business needs), this year's intake will create six general management and three exclusively IT based graduate roles which reflects the business' new focus on technology. Here is a taster of what the new IT graduate roles will entail:

The Opportunity
During the IT Graduate Programme, graduates will complete three six-month placement across the IT team in a variety of disciplines. They won’t just work to understand the ins and outs of tech; they will work to understand how to manage and lead on digital transformation programmes. Our placements include:

  • Architecture and Development where they will learn to design and build complex solutions and frameworks
  • Business Partnering where they will learn to understand our customers and represent their best interests across our IT strategy
  • Governance and Reporting where they will define the way we work by developing operational models and overseeing IT performance management
  • Security where they will lead the way in protecting our customers and colleagues from increasingly complex digital threats
  • Vendor Management where they will work closely with colleagues and suppliers across the business to ensure we’re always in a position to deliver on our promises

When we take a look back, a specialised graduate scheme is not a first for the Post Office. In 2014, when the first graduate intake joined the business, two of the six graduates, Dilraj Virk and Shamil Kataria joined the Post Office finance graduate scheme. While Sham has moved onto to an external role after adding great value to the business over the span of three years working in the Network Finance Team, Accounting and Reporting Team and most recently the Central Finance Team, Dilraj remains with us and is now working as a Financial Analyst in POMS.

When asked why he chose the scheme and how it has helped shape his career in finance he said: “I was really excited at the prospect of undertaking an 18-month rotational programme in a huge commercially driven company with the opportunity to take on various roles and projects within several areas of Finance. One thing I realised quite quickly was how supportive the Post Office was of the newly-formed graduate scheme, encouraging my graduate peers and I to take on real roles and responsibilities very soon after joining whereas this could have been a matter of months, as was the case with most of my friends that joined other schemes upon graduating. The Post Office finance graduate scheme has provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding in the working world of Finance, which has put me at good stead to perform in my current role as a Financial Analyst in POMS, where I need to engage with various stakeholders on a daily basis to ensure our numbers are being reported correctly.”

Charis Kapodistria joined the general management graduate scheme as part of the second intake in 2015. She is now working in the communications team having worked across network, FS and marketing roles. When we asked her about her own experience she said ‘’I would recommend the graduate scheme to anyone as it offers a rare opportunity of exposure to different areas of the business giving you the chance to develop a varied skillset and understand where you see yourself in the long-term. Post Office is a unique organisation which is why I think that no external work experience can fully match the variety of things you learn while working here – especially on a graduate scheme which enables you to get involved in big and exciting projects from day one.’’

Please spread the word about the scheme - applications are open until 6 April 2018. For further information on the application process and requirements please click here.