How to... assess, compare and improve your shop using this free benchmarking tool

How to... assess, compare and improve your shop using this free benchmarking tool

Many branches have found success and by following a simple checklist to see how well they’re doing in their shop

The Independent Achievers Academy (IAA) benchmarking programme is a comprehensive – and free – tool to help you improve your store. It’s designed to help you spot the little things you might otherwise overlook while running your busy shop and Post Office.  

Checklists are created for 12 categories, ranging from marketing to customers, responsible retailing, innovation and service to the community. 

We support the benchmarking programme, and Pete Johnson from Post Office gives guidance on the customer service category. 

It’s a simple online checklist and a useful way to highlight how well you are doing. You will be pleased to see how many boxes you can tick.

To find out more, or to start benchmarking your business:

- Visit

- View the Benchmarking guide here.

If you would like a printed copy of the guide, email your name and full postal address to, please add IAA in the subject heading.

Many branches have found success...


“The IAA is a journey of getting better each year. It makes you take a step back and helps you find ways to improve. It’s really worth doing.”

Tejal Modhvadiya, Whissendine Shop & Post Office (Mace), Rutland. Tejal shares information about their initiatives here.


“2018 was the first time I benchmarked. I’d heard about it before, and I now realise how incredibly useful it is to have a record of how you’re doing.” Faraz Iqbal, Premier Linktown Local, Kirkaldy, Fife. Faraz tells us the difference they are making here.


“We’re a lot stronger as a result of benchmarking each year. Taking part really pushes you.” Mo Razzaq, Family Shopper Blantyre, Glasgow, IAA 2018 Overall Best Shop winner. Mo shares secrets to success here.

As well as developing your own business, the benchmarking process feeds into the annual IAA Business Development Programme. The retailers with the best benchmarking scores go forward to find the UK’s ‘top 100’ retailers. 

The top 100 are all visited and independently scored to create a shortlist for the IAA Business Development Programme.

Last year one third of the Top 100 were Post Office retailers. You can read some of their stories here. One of them could be you this year!