New BBC One documentary goes behind-the-scenes of Post Office

New BBC One documentary goes behind-the-scenes of Post Office

On Friday 22 October at 10am, the BBC One series ‘Dom Delivers’ goes behind-the-scenes at one of our Cash Centres to follow the journey of cash from printing to Post Office counter.

The ‘Money’ episode goes behind-the-scenes in our Midlands Cash Centre and Birmingham branch, to see how we handle new notes from the Bank of England, new coins from the Royal Mint and the process of returning and processing cash from our branches to re-distribute. The programme highlights the important role Post Office play in the journey of cash.

Our Supply Chain Director, Russell Hancock shows Dom Littlewood around our Cash Centre. He explains in the programme, how we process new notes from the Bank of England printers and handle notes that customers have paid into a Post Office branch. Cash comes back to our Cash Centres where we authenticate the notes for fitness standards, whether they are genuine notes and take out any counterfeits. We do still get counterfeit notes, although they are harder to counterfeit now, and they now account for 0.02% of notes in circulation.

Dom also visited our Birmingham city centre branch to help behind the Post Office counter. You’ll see Dom explain to customers how we saw the whole journey of the cash from the printers to the Post Office counter till. Customers were thrilled to see Dom and his film crew in their local branch.

As Dom explains “Most people probably take cash for granted, we go to an ATM machine, we put our card in and PIN number and cash pops out. We go to the supermarket or the pub and we spend it. There are so many people involved in the process, from the making to the delivery."

Russell Hancock said about filming the episode “It was great to open our doors up to Dom and the BBC production team, the programme highlights the unique role our teams play in being one of the largest distributors of cash. We can show how we handle cash from the Bank of England, to retailers and Post Office tills. We are in a unique position to handle this whole cash process. I think this shows the important roll we play in supporting our Postmasters in providing universal access to cash for all.”

Dom Delivers - Money is on BBC One on Friday 22 October at 10am and will also be available on the BBC iPlayer here [] shortly after broadcast