Our (Financial) Year: 2017/18

Our (Financial) Year: 2017/18

2017/18 was a critical year for our business, with lots of important developments and achievements to build upon to help take us forward.

Customers are at the heart of our business, and in this article, we take a moment to stop and reflect on the past 12 months which have helped us become even better for customers, whether that's directly or indirectly.

There have been lots of challenges over the year, but everyone across the business has played a part, and although the below is just a quick snapshot, it gives you an overview of some of work taken place over the year. Of course, there is lots of activity which takes place behind the scenes to make sure we have the right processes and systems in place which allows us to focus on the things that matter, our customers.

Our goal next financial year is to continue to grow and modernise our business, and ensure our Post Office matters as much tomorrow as it does today.

Our year
95% of our business customers can now access their accounts through the Post Office which is 20% more than last year thanks to the Banking Framework

Our Supply Chain played a crucial role with the nationwide distribution of the new £1 coins and £5 and £10 notes which are now available across the country

We've created a new Digital Identity Business Unit to help focus on our government services and growing Digital identity services, such as through Verify. The two millionth customer was registered for Verify last week, with Post Office responsible for nearly half of these registrations (out of 7 providers)

We've continued to modernise the branch network and nearing completion of the 5-year Network Transformation programme and millions of customers now have access to longer opening hours, and a better branch environment, and more than 4,000 branches are open on a Sunday

We launched a Multicurrency Travel Money card making it easier and safer for people to carry holiday money (somebody, somewhere in the world, uses a card every 7 seconds!)

We introduced the First Start Mortgage to help more people get on the property ladder

We launched the successful new campaign and TV advert in Post Office Insurance to promote life insurance and the response has been really positive

We welcomed over 60,000 customers through our acquisition of Fuel Broadband, introduced fibre networks and continue to adopt a customer-centric service for our Telco customers

We challenged ourselves with keeping waiting times at their lowest at Christmas and we had a great trading period, showing great customer experience and we’re taking lessons forward for this year

We installed new branch equipment and new routers across the network, continuing to invest in our IT infrastructure. This included a complex migration from old to new data systems with 10,000 Post Offices going onto Verizon and 7,000 counters adopting the new branch technology

We are moving further towards innovative and agile ways of working through our Hackathons which invites experts from inside and outside the business (including postmasters) to find solutions for various business challenges and test customer journeys

We launched 'Our Post Office', our employee value proposition and our new behaviours of Think Customer, Honest Challenge and Decisive Delivery to guide how we take our business forward

We made it easier to access HR information and systems online through the launch of the PeopleHub. This brought together HR Advice and Guidance along with portals for Reward, Behaviours and more into one online home, as well as to our new SuccessFactors and Expenses systems, making it easier to access digital HR information and complete everyday tasks online.

We have started to adopt new digitised working practices like video conferencing and Yammer to improve collaboration and problem solving across the business.


What's your highlight of 2017/18? Share your thoughts by commenting below.