Relaunched Postmaster Support Guide out now

Relaunched Postmaster Support Guide out now

You can now find the second edition of the Postmaster Support Guide on One here.

We first published this guide in summer 2020. Since then, we’ve listened to you and have reviewed many of our processes and the way in which we support you, implementing improvements along the way. For example, we’ve improved our investigations process and now provide additional support for investigating discrepancies in branch.

This updated edition reflects the changes that we’ve made, and also incorporates a new Postmaster Guide to Policies too. Our policies detail how our Post Office teams will support you and your teams in running your Post Office branch.

The guide sets out our commitments to you as Postmasters and the support we provide to you and your teams, including who to contact if you experience a particular issue.

It covers a wide range of areas – training, customer experience, remuneration, resolving disputes, contractual performance and communications among others.

Quick links

The Postmaster Support Guide is interactive so clicking on the relevant topic in the contents list will take you straight to the information you need.

Clicking the links in the text will also take you to the relevant websites or email addresses, and if you’re using it on your smartphone and you need to call one of the numbers for support, you can simply click on the number.

You can download and save the guide to your device or print it if you wish.

Ongoing support

We hope this will continue to be a valuable reference guide, setting out at a glance the support available for a huge range of situations or issues. Please make it your first port of call if you need some support from us and you’re not sure where to go or who to speak to.

If you have any questions or feedback about the guide, please speak to your area manager or use the ‘Feedback and complaints’ button on Branch Hub. We welcome your feedback to help us continue to improve it.

We also plan to bring the Postmaster Support Guide together with other frequently used guides and useful information, so you and your team can easily find them in one place on Branch Hub – look out for more details on the ‘Helping you run your branch’ guide in the coming weeks.