Would You Survive for 46 Days?

Would You Survive for 46 Days?

No, we’re not talking about plans for a zombie apocalypse, or even the #BeastFromTheEast – we’re talking about maintaining life as you know it.

As part of the Life Insurance PR Campaign ‘Life as You Know It’ we did some research and found that the average UK family could only maintain their lifestyle for 46 days – less than two months – if they were to suddenly lose their main source of income. And the most ‘at risk’ groups include millennials and retail workers.

So what’s behind the Nation’s collective lack of financial planning?
Life insurance is an important way for people to safeguard their family’s future, but 26% of people do not have life insurance because they view it as too expensive. And 19% of people find considering their family’s financial future too anxiety inducing to contemplate – 63% of us haven’t discussed our funeral plans (it’s not the most uplifting conversation, we’ll admit, but still a necessary one) and 53% of us haven’t discussed how we’d like our assets divided in the event of our death.

If any of this is sounding familiar, then you can find out how much you need to protect life as you know it by checking out our Life Insurance calculator on our website.

Being better for our customers by helping them to look to the future with confidence:
It’s clear that there’s some work to do to educate the nation about the importance of long term financial planning. We’re committed to helping people to understand that life insurance can be one of the most cost effective ways to plan for the future financial stability of their families. We want our customers to feel confident about the future so that they can enjoy the present, knowing that their families are protected.