A global movement: Celebrating International Women's Day at Post Office

A global movement: Celebrating International Women's Day at Post Office

On Sunday night, Frances McDormand was awarded the Oscar for Best Actress in the film Three Billboards. And as well as taking the opportunity to thank the many people who supported her, she also took the chance to use her platform to urge the 'powers that be' in Hollywood, to support women with action rather than words. Just four days later and over 5000 miles away, we held our own event in Finsbury Dials making clear our own commitment to nurturing female talent, again with the message of action not words.

This years Women in Leadership event, held on International Women's Day, seemed to have a different backdrop to ones held previously. Over the last 12 months the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns have given the exploited and harassed a voice and revealed the ugly underbelly of many industries where the powerful can abuse their position. So when we came together this year, it was with an awareness that we are part of something bigger. Something Paula touched on in her January Blog this year.

We often take it for granted that women are equal in Post Office, and so you'd be forgiven for questioning why events such as yesterday's are important or even necessary. We have, after all, been publicly acknowledged as a Times Top 50 Employer for Women, we have strong female leaders within the business, we also have a thriving Women in Leadership community. But we still have a way to go to true equality. But rather than taking my word for it, we asked the attendees at yesterdays event to use the hashtag #PostOfficeWomen to let us know why events like yesterdays are important as well as to post how they found the day.

Here are just four of our top comments:



Events such as the ones yesterday are much bigger than purely promoting the diversity agenda in Post Office. They are part of a larger tapestry supporting a global movement about celebrating difference and empowering the powerless