Earn as you learn

Earn as you learn

If you think apprenticeships are just for school leavers or people wanting to go into a trade such as plumbing or building, think again. Apprenticeships have evolved and we want to invest in colleagues who want to learn and develop in disciplines from customer service and retail management to IT and finance, and everything in between.

We’ve already had over 150 colleagues from across the business register their interest in an apprenticeship, with 25 colleagues having already started their training. And with National Apprenticeships Week just around the corner, we’ll be spreading the word about the fantastic opportunities available to our colleagues, with a roadshow from 5-9 March:

  • Monday 5 March: 11am -2pm, Café area at Finsbury Dials
  • Tuesday 6 March: Supply Chain Engagement Event at Midway House, Birmingham
  • Wednesday 7 March: 11am – 2pm, Café area at Chesterfield FSC
  • Thursday 8 March: Lunchtime stand at the Woman in Leadership event in Finsbury Dials

Kelly Godden and Laura Neal from the apprenticeships team will be on hand to speak to colleagues about the opportunities available to gain a nationally recognised qualification, alongside the day job.

Qualifications range from level 2 (GCSE level) right through to degrees and MBAs delivered through Universities, so whatever age you are or whatever stage you are at in your career, an apprenticeship could be a really good option to enhance your skills.

Piers Langendoen, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, was one of three colleagues who enrolled on the Executive MBA though Cranfield University last month. He said:

“Although it’s a huge time commitment both from work time and personal time, it’s fair to say we are learning lots about ourselves as leaders and the roles we play in a wider team and how best to contribute to a team’s success. We are now half way through our strategic operation module which covers off some fantastic process management. The course work allows us to choose areas to focus on and we can choose Post Office business units so we can apply learning and knowledge to gain an even deeper understanding of the business.”

If you want to learn more about apprenticeships and the courses we have to offer, visit www.onepostoffice.co.uk/apprenticeships or email apprenticeships@postoffice.co.uk