Let's get digital

Let's get digital

The three-day event, with support from Accenture, will bring together developers, SMEs, user experience professionals and innovators who will all engage in an energetic and collaborative session to build a new digital prototype. The event will consist of customer journey planning, ideation sessions, developing, user testing and lots more!

Why a Hackathon?
Henk van Hulle, Business Innovation Director will host a 20- minute talk during a lunch session on 14 June  at 1pm. Head down to the ground floor rooms in Finsbury Dials and find out what the event will consist of and how you can get involved.

Henk van Hulle said: “Digital technology is moving faster than ever before and we need to embrace it. In line with our strategic imperatives, through the Hackathon we’ll set a task that will enable us to become better for customers by co-creating this journey with them and we’re simpler to run by being more agile and quicker in our approach. And we’re maintaining Post Office being a great place to work by being more innovative and getting colleagues involved in the process.” 

Want to get involved in what’s set to be an exhilarating event?
We’re looking for interested colleagues to participate in some user testing on 16 June. You’ll be involved in a one-hour session where you use the prototype, discuss your opinions with other colleagues and provide a critical analysis of the user experience and the output.

If you’re keen to take part, email aaron.fraser@postoffice.co.uk – we look forward to having you involved!

Aptly dubbed as a 'Henkathon', this event will undoubtedly be a major move in the Post Office working towards becoming a more prominent business in the digital space. The Business Innovation team is keen to make the Post Office a digital first organisation and this is just one initiative that we’re doing to continue pushing us in the right direction.