Post Office colleagues Adopt an area

Post Office colleagues Adopt an area

Adopt an Area is a new initiative where Post Office colleagues are buddying up with Area Managers and will join them on their visits to Postmasters and branches.

Through these visits, Post Office colleagues will get a deeper understanding on the realities of running a Post Office and the challenges you face and the processes and systems you have to work with. Colleagues will listen to your concerns, and your suggestions to make things better.

Colleagues joining Area Managers work in departments across the whole business, so it will include people from IT, to Marketing, from Training to Finance teams. 

Shaun Kerrison, Head of Postmaster Engagement said: “This is another step we are taking to reset the relationship with Postmasters. We have developed this programme as we want to bring Postmasters and Post Office colleagues closer together and improve our ability to adapt to change, listen and respond to issues.

As part of the initiative, Post Office colleagues will have regular sessions with the Area Manager they have been paired with, and they will start to understand the key issues and performance for the area. One day each quarter, they will also visit branches, but with the current Covid-19 situation, these visits will be meetings held virtually.

Christine Boyle, Area Manager for Scotland is buddied up with Ben Cooke in our IT team and they start their visits next week.  

Ben said: “We recognise as a business we need to be connected to the day to day operations of a Post Office and I think this is a fantastic way for Post Office colleagues to hear about what’s most important to our Postmasters and customers – it will make a difference. My role is new, and focused on new branch technology and we are beginning to engage with Postmasters about what’s most important to change. Having an extra group of businessmen and women to bounce thoughts off is an opportunity I’m looking forward to.”

Christine said: “Seeing Post Office colleagues out and about on a regular basis meeting Postmasters, hearing about the challenges they face on a day to day basis will make a difference as they will now see and hear from Postmasters first hand and will add extra support to making things better. And it’s great it’s not just me or my Regional Manager visiting branches! Working with Ben will be incredible support to me too. Unfortunately, the current restrictions mean our first joint visits will have to wait for a while but we’ve got our first virtual meeting booked in with some of my Postmasters next week.”

Colleagues are being asked to log all feedback into a central system which will be monitored and used to understand the key challenges you are raising, and also look at emerging issues and patterns that keep coming up. Some things might be easily sorted, others might take time, so they will also keep you updated on progress and actions, via your Area Manager.