Spotlight on the Rapid Deployment Team

Spotlight on the Rapid Deployment Team

Two weeks ago we came across a Yammer post that got our attention. Two Managers – one from supply chain, and one from the LRG (Legal Risk & Governance) team, who are part of the rapid deployment team, were being thanked for their support at Manchester depot.

On Wednesday 3 January, Andy Storey and Niall Findlay who work as a compliance manager in Newcastle and a shift manager in Aberdeen respectively, were getting on with their day's work when they received a call from the Rapid Deployment Team asking them to come to Manchester and help out, as approx ¼ of their workforce had fallen sick over Christmas and New Year! 

They had no time to lose and once the logistics were sorted they went over to Manchester and got to work. The rapid deployment team (RDT) is comprised of approx. 15 emergency support employees, from across the whole of the business, who are on call 365 days a year to help out at depots where there is a shortage of drivers. There is a total of 15 depots across the UK and the RDT members' role is not place bound either.

We caught up with Andy to talk about what it’s like being in the RDT:

Which parts of the UK do you go to help out?
Andy - Anywhere in the UK. Where help is needed we will go.

How does your work in the RTD affect other work you might have?
Andy - I work as a supply chain compliance manager in Newcastle and that is my full-time job. When I am asked to travel to help out somewhere else I have to drop everything I am doing and prioritise that.

What is the purpose of the RDT and why does helping out supersede your work as a compliance manager?
Andy - The RDT is there to ensure all depots are executing their routes to branches. Getting cash out to branches is as vital for the business as oxygen is for the human body because without it our business could not operate and we could not provide the excellent customer service we at Post Office strive for. Ensuring branches have the cash, stock and Bureau they need is so critical that supporting where there is a shortage of drivers, delivers an immediate and tangible positive impact on the business. I never want to see people struggle, so support to the depots / units is crucial to business performance & Quality of Service overall.

Is that why you signed up to be part of the RDT?
Andy - Absolutely. I asked Paula at a previous engagement champion event what the business priorities are and she said that getting cash to the branches is a priority as part of delivering excellent customer service. It's great to know that I play a key part in ensuring that happens smoothly.

Let's just say a big thank you to the RDT for going above and beyond, often working outside business hours, because we wouldn't want to think of a Post Office without them.