The Search is On

The Search is On

We know that retail and the Post Office go hand in hand whether it’s in a rural community, suburb or town centre. And so we’re working with the Retail Team at the NFSP to find our Post Office retail champions.

We’ll be announcing the Post Office’s Best Retailers for 2018 at our annual Post Office Retail Sales Awards in London on Saturday 16 June.

Finalists will be invited to the event where the winner will be announced.

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About the Award

The award recognises retailers, whose store includes a Post Office branch, for the way they maximise the strengths of both elements to make a success of the overall business.

Eligible to enter:

  • Post Office in an independent store – any independently owned retailer including those that are part of a symbol group
  • Post Office belonging to one of the major national supermarket groups – one of our multiple partners
  • Community status Post Office, including those run by community associations, which provide essential customer services


Entries will be judged based on the information provided and shortlisted branches may also receive a store visit.

There is a tight deadline so please enter straight away! Applications are welcome from Monday 9 April to Monday 23 April.

To enter, tell us in around 200 words what is special about your Post Office and store and why you and your team should win. The sort of things we want to hear are:

  • Examples of excellent customer service and working with your local community
  • Improvements and innovations you’ve made in the last 12 months
  • Tell us about your retail offer and why it works well with the Post Office
  • What you’ve done to promote your branch (social media, sponsorship, working with schools, in-store promotions)

Please support your application with photographs of your store plus any other awards you have received, feedback from customers or media coverage.

Finalists will be invited to the event in London on Saturday 16 June. Hotel and travel will be paid for each finalist plus one.

To be eligible, the Post Office branch must be:

  • A main, local or community Post Office branch within the UK or Northern Ireland
  • Currently open and trading