There's snow stopping us!

There's snow stopping us!

The #BeastfromtheEast might have hit the UK hard over the past few days, but it's proven no match for the grit and determination of our staff across the country. We'd like to say a massive thank you to all of our colleagues for their continued efforts during this bad weather – you never cease to amaze us with your dedication to providing the very best service to our customers.

Branches and depots up and down the country who have defied the odds and opened their doors despite the freezing temperatures over the past few days. Here are a few highlights from across the country!

Alston Post Office was featured on the BBC's coverage of Storm Emma as postmaster Bryan Cooper remained open (image right) despite the foot of snow that faced them when opening up this morning.

Thank you to Steve Howard for sharing this picture (left) of Norwich CViT depot in 8 inches of snow!  

 It might look beautiful but the snow can make it difficult for the elderly and vulnerable to get out and about! Boscombe East Post Office, ever dedicated to providing incredible services to their community, are offering deliveries of essentials to anyone who might be unable to get out and about in the snow storm!


You can see the conditions Adam and the team are working with in our main image.

Thank you all for your dedication, your ongoing care and commitment to providing essential services customers during the challenging weather conditions is a testament to all we stand for as an organisation

If you've got a picture of your branch, depot or support centre in the snow – we'd love to see them. Just add them to the comments section under this article or email them in to  and we’ll send out a prize for the most creative, beautiful or most interesting picture!