Helping our customers to stretch their holiday budgets

Helping our customers to stretch their holiday budgets

As winter (finally) begins to draw to a close, many of our customers’ thoughts are turning to booking their summer holidays.  And we’re here to help them make their decisions – by revealing where their holiday budgets will stretch the furthest!

And this year, we can reveal that Sunny Beach in Bulgaria has taken the top spot in the Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer for the first time, with a clear margin of victory over its two closest rivals, Japan and the Algarve.

Its reputation for value made 2017 a good year for Bulgaria. At £37.92 for eight tourist items – a meal for two, drinks, sun cream and insect repellent, Sunny Beach can expect to attract more bargain-hunters in the year ahead.

Customers looking for long haul bargains are also in luck - the biggest price falls of all have been in long haul destinations, thanks to a combination of the stronger pound and lower charges in shops, restaurants and bars. Prices have dropped 36 per cent in Dubai (Jumeirah Beach, £141.23) and 27 per cent in New Zealand (Auckland, £104.80), while prices have plummeted in the Caribbean: 31 per cent in St Lucia (Rodney Bay, £99.61) and Antigua (Jolly Beach, £114.18); 27 per cent in Jamaica (Montego Bay, £105.53) and 26 per cent in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana, £67.46).

There have also been significant price falls in two long haul cities:  Japanese capital Tokyo (£43.14) remains the cheapest long haul destination and has moved up from eighth to second place in the barometer of 42 global favourites on the back of a 26 per cent price fall.  While Cape Town (£54.95), which has also attracted growing numbers of UK visitors because of its favourable exchange rate and low city costs, returns to the best value top 10 in fifth place. The top tourist city in South Africa, which is among the Post Office’s 10 hotlist trips for 2018, has moved up from last year’s 11th position after registering a 16 per cent drop in prices.

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