New IBV client comes on board

New IBV client comes on board

In Branch Verification (IBV) is a generic document checking service that has been built by the Post Office as a new product that is being offered, on a commercial basis to external clients. The premise of the service is that the Post Office branch will undertake a physical document check on behalf of clients.  

We have initially targeted HR vetting, Disclosure and Barring (DBS) and HR recruitment companies to provide this document checking service for them. We have signed contract with a number of clients. We have implemented one client already, Sterling and we are in the final testing phase of two other clients.  

One of these clients uCheck has secured a contract with Royal Mail Group to undertake their Christmas temporary staff recruitment campaign.  

This is a fantastic opportunity and we will see an estimated 20,000 new transactions being undertaken across the IBV Branch network in the next couple of months.  

From next week, 1 August 2020, customers applying to Royal Mail for a temporary Christmas role will be able to, as part of the application process, have their identity documents checked at the Post Office branch. Traditionally Royal Mail have always undertaken these document checks internally and it is quite a departure for the Post Office to do this. 

Customers will present their identity documents and an email/ letter from Royal Mail / uCheck at the Post Office Branch. The Horizon system has been designed to take the Branches through the document checking transaction step by step and is launched by scanning the bar code on the customer email. The email maybe presented on a mobile device or printed, both are perfectly acceptable.

​​​​​​​We have a full pipeline of clients looking to utilise the IBV service especially as more and more businesses do not have physical locations or are entirely internet based providers. Demonstrating that we can do this service successfully will generate much need and value new income for our Branches.