One verify account, 12 services

One verify account, 12 services

Did you know the Post Office is the leading identity provider in the GOV.UK Verify scheme? Our trusted brand means we have around 45% share of the Verify market (from a panel of seven providers).

Verify is a Government digital identity service that allows you to use a single account to access a range of government services. There are approximately 1.3 million users across the UK with a Government target of 25 million digital identities by 2020.

Starting this week, we are reminding our Verify customers the benefits of their Verify account. It includes seeing their personalised state pension forecast, as well as checking tax codes and viewing driving license information.

Verify is free, secure and follows strict government and international standards. It's also reusable, once you have created your account you can access a growing number of government services.  

At the moment you can use it access 12 services and new ones are being added all the time. In addition we are working with Government, and the private sector, to enable Verify to be used outside of the public sector context. For example, one day soon we hope that a Verify account will enable customers to open a bank account in just a few clicks.

Gus Morse from the Identity services team said: "Verify is a relatively new way for people to confirm their identity online. As Government services move online, it has the potential to be one of our strongest areas of growth over the coming years leveraging the competitive advantages of our trusted brand and network.”

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