Post Office launches PASS card for youngsters

Post Office launches PASS card for youngsters

Following on from the launch of EasyID, Post Office is pleased to introduce the PASS card - a physical card that people can apply for online and use as proof of age instead of a passport or driving license.

What is the Post Office PASS card and who is it for?

PASS card is an official UK proof of age card that displays your photo, name and date of birth. You can use it to prove how old you are to most UK retailers, businesses and government-run institutions for several things, such as purchasing age restricted products, applying for a new job, renting a new home, accessing services like transport and housing, or claiming benefits.

Issued by CitizenCard, it is a government-approved identity card that displays a Home Office-endorsed PASS (Proof of Age Standards Scheme) hologram and UV mark. That’s how you know it’s genuine. It also has a QR code on the back that you can use to further verify the card’s authenticity.

The card, which can now be purchased online, is popular with students who don’t have a government photo ID or those who don’t want to risk losing theirs, as cost of replacement is high, and the PASS card is much cheaper.   

Why are we launching the PASS card if we’ve launched EasyID?

The launch of a Post Office branded PASS card (there are other existing providers) is to ensure those without government photo ID aren’t left behind. The card can also be used to register for EasyID, giving people two very simple methods to prove their age and identity. 

How will it be promoted and will it be available in branch?

The card will be promoted on Post Office social media channels later in September to align with the return to university for many students.  

It is currently available online; however, we will be monitoring take up over the coming months and assessing whether customers would benefit from the card being available in branches too. 

What’s next for Post Office Identity Services?

Following the launch of EasyID and PASS cards, the next step in modernising our identity services offering and ensuring identity inclusion for all, is the launch of our in-branch identity verification on tablets in November. 

Yoti currently offer an online identity verification service (IDV) and this new service will be integrated with IDV, offering an in-person channel for those customers who don’t own a smart phone, or don’t have the technological knowledge to scan their documents at home. The service will leverage the Yoti document verification technology, enabling Postmasters to focus on helping customers and the transaction itself. Look out for more information coming soon.