Raising the Profile of Banking Services

Raising the Profile of Banking Services

Last week, we announced an agreement with UK Finance on a five point action plan that will help raise the profile of banking services available through the Post Office.

The five-point plan will promote awareness of day-to-day banking services, including paying in and withdrawing cash. Later this year, we will be launching a series of activities including media campaigns, local community events and enhanced support for vulnerable customers across the UK.

We want to: 

  • Raise awareness of banking services available at the Post Office via regional and targeted localised pilot media campaigns. These will be timed to coincide with in-branch campaigns across our network
  • Support specific communities, including those impacted by bank branch closures, through information leaflets, joint Post Office and bank outreach to communities and improved collaboration with the banks during any bank branch closures
  • Promote ourselves as an integral channel for day-to-day banking, with clear and prominent information for customers in banks’ literature, on websites and telephony channels
  • Provide enhanced support for vulnerable consumers to be developed based on Citizens’ Advice best practice guidelines
  • Carry out ongoing monitoring of awareness and confidence in our counter services

The plan has been developed by the finance industry and the Post Office working with HM Treasury, following a request from the Economic Secretary to raise awareness of the banking services available at Post Offices.

Leaders across the key organisations share their thoughts below:

Did you know?

Post Office research, conducted by YouGov, has found that 29% (more than a quarter) of UK adults (age 18 and older) still have old currency (i.e. round pounds, old £5 or £10 notes) stashed somewhere – be that in their wallet, purse, change pot, car or house.

The average amount that people believe they still have is around £13.

However, around 6% of those adults asked believe they have somewhere between £20 and £50 still left to bank or exchange.

John Glen, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, said: “Britain is changing the way it banks, but as more and more people move online, it’s crucial that face-to-face everyday banking services are available. So I am pleased that the banking industry and Post Office are taking action to raise awareness of this valuable service. The Post Office can provide most daily cash banking needs, and it’s vital as many people as possible know about this important assistance.”

Stephen Jones, Chief Executive of UK Finance, said: “Helping people access banking is vitally important. Customers can access day-to-day banking services at thousands of Post Office branches. Our five-point plan announced today will increase awareness of this service, particularly in areas with less bank branch coverage.”

Paula Vennells, our Group Chief Executive said: “The Post Office is committed to ensuring that all our customers have easy access to cash and we are delighted to be working with UK Finance to raise awareness of the vital everyday banking services available at our 11,500 branches. Almost 93% of people live within a mile of their local post office, and 99.7% live within three miles, and this important initiative will help even more people, wherever they live in the UK, access their bank accounts at our branches.”

Andrew Griffiths, Business Minister, said: “With Government support, the Post Office is continuing to modernise and bring more benefits to millions of customers and small businesses across the UK. The Government has invested £2 billion in the Post Office since 2010 and this latest joint initiative promotes the range of important services available at thousands of local Post Offices up and down the country.”

This is exciting news and a great opportunity to effectively promote our banking services to a nationwide audience reaching even the most remote and secluded communities. Look out for the upcoming activities that will take place in your community and join us in spreading the message.