Verify-ing the nation

Verify-ing the nation

The Post Office is one of only a few providers of the new GOV.UK Verify ID, a new way for customers to prove their identity when using government services online. Instead of customers having to enter their details on every occasion, we will verify them quickly online, making access to government services much easier.

Since our GOV.UK Verify ID service launched in March 2015, we’ve verified the identities of over 190,000 people, enabling them to access the online services of departments like HMRC, DVLA and others. We’ve surpassed our 2015/16 income forecasts and are aiming to repeat our success in the forthcoming financial year.

Spurred on by the 31 January self-assessment tax returns deadline, up to 18,000 people a week were using the service during January. Over the last 12 months we have consistently held the highest market share which highlights just how many customers prefer us to verify their personal details, a direct result of the trust our branch colleagues have helped build up with customers over the years.

We are now looking into an in-branch version of the verify service, which in addition to creating income for branches, will ensure we truly have national coverage.

Dr Floyd Millen, Post Office Head of Identity, said: “With more Government services going online, we are excited about the opportunity this presents us. We are also delighted that in this very competitive market, the Post Office remains the customer’s provider of choice.” 

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