Verify your Gov.UK ID through Post Office

Verify your Gov.UK ID through Post Office

The deadline to submit your Self-Assessment tax return to HMRC is 31 January. So why not prepare now – get your GOV.UK Verify ID from Post Office.

The Government has introduced GOV.UK Verify, a new way to prove your identity online when using services like tax Self-Assessment. With a GOV.UK Verify account set up, you can easily and securely fill in your Self-Assessment tax return. It takes around 10 minutes to set your account up, and after that you'll be able to log in and complete your tax return with a single username and password.

Remember, if you don’t send in your Self-Assessment tax return by 31 January, there will be a fine to pay.

What is GOV.UK Verify ID?
It’s a new way to prove your identity when using government services online. Instead of entering your details, you use an ID and password set up through a third-party provider like Post Office to verify who you are.

The service you’re using doesn’t hold your personal data, and the Verify provider doesn’t know about what services you’re using. Splitting up information in this way reduces the risk of identity theft.

How to get your GOV.UK Verify ID

  1. Register through selected companies, such as Post Office.
  2. We ask certain questions to make sure you’re you. These might be about your passport, driving license or payment cards. We may also send a verification code to your mobile phone.
  3. You’ll be given a username and password you can use to verify your identity quickly and securely when you use certain Government services.

What do I need to sign up?
Before you start your registration, you'll need your:

  • passport
  • driving licence
  • mobile phone
  • bank card

We’ve been selected as one of the first GOV.UK Verify providers for Self-Assessment and other services. Because we meet the Government’s strict security standards, you can be confident that your data is protected and won’t be shared with anyone who doesn’t need to see it.