Postmaster conference - April 2021

April marks the start of a new financial year for Post Office. We held our very first annual We Are Post Office Postmaster conference on 27 April. Our focus was to discuss our strategic intent to 2025 and the key projects for the year ahead. 

Many Postmasters want to know about the future of Post Office, it is a topic you raised in the Postmaster consultation survey and often ask Area Managers about. If you were unable to attend, you can watch the conference video below.

There were over 300 comments or questions received during the session. Questions answered at the conference covered Mails Distribution Agreement, network formats, IT and future of Horizon and more. We will respond to remaining questions below. Answers for specific questions relating to consultation on the proposed remuneration structure for the Mails Distribution Agreement will be answered here.


At the conference, you heard Nick talk about his Intent for Post Office 2025:


(click on image for larger view)

And you heard Amanda outline our key priorities for 2021/22:

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