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For the most common questions that have been raised by the community, we have compiled a FAQ document which you can read/download as a PDF by clicking the button right:

As a manager, you may wish to see how to carry out certain actions in the system. You can use the Line Managers Reference Guide in order to do so.

In the table below you will find Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) and video snippets that will assist you in completing specific tasks. Our SuccessFactors system is constantly evolving through regular updates and improvements and you are invited to bookmark this page for easy access in the future. 

If you have any questions or feedback on these guides, please get in touch.

 Ref. Title QRG Video .mp4
PC & Android
replay only
- Summary Guides & Actions
Branch Branch Line Manager Guide - New HR Processes and Emails N/A
Branch How to log onto SuccessFactors and your Post Office email - Branch colleague briefing N/A
Branch SuccessFactors Expenses and New Email for Teams  - Information and actions for Branch Managers N/A
Branch SuccessFactors Annual Leave April 18 - Update for Branches N/A
Support Centre Support Centre Line Manager Guide - New HR online activities N/A
Supply Chain Supply Chain Line Manager Guide - SuccessFactors Expenses and New Email N/A
Supply Chain How to log onto SuccessFactors and Post Office Email - Supply Chain colleague briefing N/A
Supply Chain SuccessFactors Expenses and New Emails for Teams - Information and actions for Supply Chain Managers N/A
Supply Chain SuccessFactors Annual Leave April 18 - Update for Supply Chain N/A
- General SuccessFactors Information    
  Login to SuccessFactors 
  Getting started with SuccessFactors - Dashboard Overview (All) N/A
  Introduction to SuccessFactors - System Overview (All) N/A 
  Email and SuccessFactors Access (All)  N/A
V1 Careers Portal in SuccessFactors (All)
V2 Playing Sound from a Webpage (All) N/A
V3 Adding a Picture to Your Profile (All) N/A
Assigning a Substitute Manager Guide
V10 Printing / Downloading a Candidate CV (Recruiting Mgr)
V14 Setting up SuccessFactors App on a Mobile Device (Not for viewing Payslips) N/A
Viewing your Payslips or P60 on mobile devices Guide (Not via the App) N/A
Managing Approval Requests Guide
V17 Viewing & Managing Pending Requests (All)
- Tips
Headcounts Data Insights N/A
Searching for someone in SF N/A
 - Recruiting & Onboarding
1.01 Creating Job Requisition from Org Chart - Decision Tree (Hiring Mgr) N/A
Creating a Requisition from the Org Chart Guide N/A
1.01 STAN Creating a STANDARD Job Requisition from the Org Chart (Hiring Mgr)
Updated Raising a Branch Requisition V3 (Hiring Mgr) N/A
  Approving a Branch Requisition N/A
Creating a Requisition from a Blank Form Guide N/A
1.01d Posting a Job Requisition (Recruiting Mgr)
1.01e Editing a Job Requisition (Hiring Mgr)
1.01f Checking Requisition Progress (Hiring Mgr)
1.01h Rejecting a Job Requisition (Approver)
1.03 Managing Interview Slots availability (Interviewer)
1.03a Interview Scheduling (Hiring Mgr / Recruiting Mgr / Interviewer)
1.03b Interview Central (Hiring Mgr)
1.03c Screen & Select Candidates for Assessment (Hiring Mgr / Recruiting Mgr)
1.03d CV Viewer - Rotator (Hiring Mgr)
1.07a Onboarding New Employee (Hiring Mgr) N/A
- General Management Information    
Hours Change Guide N/A
Location Change Guide N/A
Salary Increase Guide N/A
SEC-Fixed Term Extension Guide N/A
  Searching for a Position Guide N/A
  Company Structure Overview Guide (HR Community only) N/A
- Managing Overtime, Non-Recurring Payments, Variable Pay and Leavers    
Sub-Temp Promotion or Reversion Guide N/A
Process Non-Recurring Payments (Monetary Wage Type Components instruction) Guide N/A
Amend / Edit / Delete Overtime and other Non-Recurring Payments Guide
3.01b Add or Amend a COSA Payment N/A 
3.01c Add or Amend an Annualised Leave Payment N/A  
3.02a Amend Contract - People Change (Line Mgr)
Change to Long Term Contract Guide N/A 
Process Overtime Payments through Non-Recurring Payments Guide (Line Mgr)
Variable Pay Top Tips N/A
3.05 Changing a Team Members' Payrate (Line Mgr)
Termination Process Leavers Guide
Managing Work Permits - Right to Work / Work Permit Renewals Guide
- Managing Conduct & Appeals    
5.16 Raising an Appeal Issue (Team Member)   
- Managing Leave / Sickness & other Absence Requests   
Booking / Requesting Annual Leave Guide N/A
Changing a Team Members Leave of Absence Guide N/A
Manage Sick Absence Guide N/A
Manage Sick Absence - Return to Work Guide N/A
Manage Sick Absence - Long-Term Sick Absence with Undetermined End Date Guide N/A
Manage Recurring Absence Guide N/A
Manage Special Leave of Absence Guide N/A
Manage Maternity Leave Guide N/A
6.07 Manage Union Leave (Team Member)
6.08 Manage Paternity Leave (Line Mgr)
6.09 Manage Adoption Leave (Line Mgr)
Purchase Annual Leave Guide
Amend or Cancel Purchased Annual Leave Guide
Amend or Cancel Leave Request Guide
6.13 Manage Shared Parental Leave (Line Mgr)
6.14 Manage Keep in Touch Days (Line Mgr)
V12 Holiday Accruals / Carry over / Adjust Leave (Line Mgr)
Inputting Absence Warnings Guide
- Managing Personal Information    
Updating Personal Information Guide (All) N/A
Updating your Emergency Contact(s) Information Guide N/A
Updating your Contact Information Guide N/A
Updating your Address Information Guide N/A
Updating your Bank Details Guide (All) N/A
V9 Flexible Work Application (All)
V15 Viewing your Payslips on a PC (All)
Viewing your Payslips or P60 on Mobile Devices Guide N/A
Viewing your P60 Information Guide N/A
Viewing Personal Information Guide (Basic Pay, Recurring & Non-Recurring Payments, Absence History) N/A
- Learning    
L-1.00 Learning - Changing the default Homepage N/A
L-2.00 Learning - Accessing course collections from the default Homepage N/A
L-3.00 Learning - Printing course certificates N/A


Even though you are able to view the support materials for SuccessFactors above, some actions / tasks may not be available to you as a system user.
This is due to permission settings given to end-users in line with their day-to-day responsibilities and requirements in using the system.