August 2021

An update from Tracy Marshall, Postmaster Effectiveness Director 

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Tracy Marshall, Postmaster Effectiveness Director at Post Office. I’ve worked for Post Office for just over 20 years, in a number of operational roles that have faced directly into Postmasters and the network, so I truly understand the challenges that you and your teams face. I am passionate about supporting you and making improvements to help you run your branch on a day-to-day basis.

As Postmaster Effectiveness Director, I’m responsible for the onboarding, vetting and Fit and Proper declarations, Postmaster training, delivering operational changes into the network as effectively as possible, and operational communications such as memoviews and branchfocus.

Over the last 6 months I’ve spoken to many Postmasters through our Adopt an Area initiative and ‘co-creation sessions’. These have given me some great feedback on our current ways of working and what needs to improve. There’s so much that we can and will do, so let me give you a flavour of some of the improvements we’ve already implemented and some of those in the pipeline.

We’ve already started to make some changes, but we have more to come, and I’d love to get your views and suggestions about how we can improve things for you and your branch teams. You can email me at or simply leave me a comment below. 

Many of you have told us that you’d like our training to be more interactive and available digitally where possible. We’ve created a series of ‘How to’ videos demonstrating certain transactions and processes on Horizon that we commonly receive queries on. 23 of these are already available on Branch Hub and our Learning Management System (LMS), covering areas such as remittances, cash declarations and reversals.

LMS has also had an upgrade, based on your feedback. The overall user experience and navigation of the site has been improved so it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for. We’ve also added a support menu providing responses to common questions. Postmasters can view all of our training material that’s available, including refresher courses, which are all detailed in the updated Operational Training Catalogue. Over the next few months, we’re hoping to develop the system further to allow self-enrolment on e-learning courses. You can log on to LMS here or if you don’t have an account, you can contact your Area Manager.

Over the next month, I’m really excited to announce that we’ll be piloting a shadowing programme for new Postmasters as part of our onboarding journey. This will enable them to spend time in a branch and experience first-hand what it’s like to on a day-to-day basis. So many of you have told me that the best way to learn is to experience it for real, and I hope that this shadowing programme will become an integral part of our overall Postmaster learning experience. I look forward to updating you on this in more detail next month. 

Memoview text service
A number of you have recently told us that it would be helpful to receive urgent messages via text message, as you’re not always in your branch. Based on your feedback we’ve set up a memoview text service. To receive a memoview as a text, email or both, please opt in and let us know your preferred contact number by logging in to Branch Hub here.

We’ve already had 398 registrations for this new service. Initial feedback has been very positive and the new system is working well.

Don’t forget, previous memoviews are available on Horizon for 10 days and are now also uploaded and available from the Branch Hub homepage, in case you need to refer to them in the future.

More information about this new memoview text service can be found here. 

‘Helping you run your branch’ information folder
At the end of September, we’ll be launching a new ‘Helping you run your branch’ information folder containing a series of useful documents to help you run your branch. This will include useful information on our policies and processes, Security Manual, training documents, contact numbers and much more. This will be initially available digitally via Branch Hub.

I want to thank Postmasters on the Branch User Forum for all their help and useful feedback in developing this. 

Finally, a huge thank you from me and my team. The feedback you provide helps us continually improve so do keep it coming, as I know that we have a lot more that we can do to support you and your teams. Don’t forget, if you do have any feedback or suggestions, please email me at or simply leave me a comment below.